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Water Damage – Sherman Oaks

Unfortunately, when it rains, it pours. And in the case of a family in Sherman Oaks, California, when the water main ruptures, it floods.

As one of the most popular, heavily driven and wet thoroughfares in Los Angeles, when Ventura Boulevard floods it can stop traffic for miles throughout the San Fernando Valley. Unique Restoration recently was called in to service a customer who had become the unwitting victim of a Ventura Boulevard flood which devasted the first floor of their two-story dream home.

The devastation to the home and to the lives of the family was extensive as you may witness from the videos below. Every room on the first floor was virtually destroyed including the kitchen, dining room, the living room, foyer and an office. Unique Restoration provided cleanup of the residence, dry down service, and completely re-constructed the residence so that the family could return to the home and resume their lives. In the videos below you can see the extent of the damage.

But this story has a happy ending. Unique Restoration worked hard to return our client’s home to the way it was before the flood. The photos below show the customer’s home after Unique Restoration’s work.


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